The Inheritance

Following his thirteenth birthday, Calvin spends a weekend in the woods with his father, just as his two older brothers did when they turned thirteen. Campfires, gun ranges, hiking—it’s a tradition reserved for the men in the family, a rite of passage to their inheritance. But as excited as Calvin is, he knows there’s something his brothers aren’t telling him, something that changed them. A secret from their time in the woods. Some inheritances come with a cost.


Eden Valley Rain

Taking refuge at an isolated dude ranch, six unfortunate hunters tangle with a bloodthirsty Shaman who conjures more than an evening of terror. Enter a fiendish nightmare of altered states where no one is sure of “who” is "what", and each man has become the other's own worst enemy in a deadly end-game that will completely redefine the meaning of friendship for these six individuals. In the final analysis we discover the real truth behind our more violent tendencies; "man" is still the safest place to hide anything!  


The Devil’s Doorway

An "exotic matter" explosion in 2027 opens a “gateway” to terror unspeakable, while sending a pair of scientists backward in time to a haunted maximum security prison violently lost in the year 1947. As the two timelines mysteriously converge, everything the prison's newly crowned Warden discovers makes her blood run cold. Something darker than evil, swifter than justice has taken over Red Onion State Penitentiary, and time is running out. A prison chaplain with no memory of his past, and a young female apparition from the future may be all that stands in the way of the lock-down from hell! 


the witching hours

Finding herself stranded in the middle of the Los Angeles National Forest during the witching hours, Riley Tungsten, an 18 year old girl who discovers she's unexpectedly pregnant, encounters a Satanic cult and upon rescuing a child from their clutches, plunges headlong into a night of terror.



The Parish

In the wake of young boy's disappearance, the lives of 4 strangers are thrust on an unstoppable, lethal collision course. A desperate father, a priest who's lost faith, a lawyer teetering towards madness, and a recovering, once-vicious alcoholic weave the tapestry of this gripping thriller.